Tiki Caliente 15
$38.00 - $76.00

“The Show So Far - Reflections From A Waterlogged Wahine” (Friday 2:30pm)

Event Time: 1 Hour
Cocktail Provided in Air Conditioned Room
Friday May 3rd at 2:30pm

A large part of what we enjoy in our Tiki world is the unique entertainment. From the hip swaying hula dancers, the daring fire performers and the graceful aquatic artists, the world of Exotica entertainers is a niche like no other. And who better to do a symposium on this subject than MeduSirena Marina, who is incredibly talented in all these skills! “The Show So Far - Reflections From A Waterlogged Wahine” is a symposium adventure like no other. This is a loving homage to some of the performers who contributed so much to this genre, while transporting their escapist-seeking audiences to a world of pure fantasy. Some of these entertainers inspired Marina to become who she is today, and she’ll break down the evolution of her career experiences over the years as an Exotica entertainer — from performing in themed establishments (including the Mai-Kai!), at events, conventions and more. You’re going to be enchanted by Marina's “behind the scenes” view of this unique facet of pop-culture entertainment history, as well as hearing her personal story of how she became the MeduSirena we know and love.