Tiki Caliente 15
$40.00 - $80.00

Palm Springs Tiki with Sven Kirsten (Saturday 2pm)

Palm Springs Tiki with Sven Kirsten (Saturday 2pm)
Sold out

Event Time: 1 Hour
Cocktail Provided in Air Conditioned Room

We are honored to bring you the one and only Sven Kirsten, who will give you a sneak peek at his newest book, “Palm Springs Tiki”! This wonderful tome will be released this autumn, but YOU lucky people will get a first-look at it during his symposium at Tiki Caliente! “Palm Springs Tiki” is a collaboration between Kirsten and modernism expert, Pete Moruzzi. Kirsten is currently penning this ultimate treasure trove of anecdotes and images, depicting establishments that strived to recreate Polynesia in this desert. See how primitivism and modernism mingled beautifully (and still do) under the desert sun. Sven will host two identical symposiums, each one having a capacity of forty-five people. If you would like to be one of the first people to hear about this brilliant, upcoming book and spend time with Sven, make sure to buy your symposium ticket before they are sold out.