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Image of MeduSirena Marina Friday morning (9am) swim class  (Friday May 17th)

MeduSirena Marina Friday morning (9am) swim class (Friday May 17th)

MeduSirena Marina is known in our Tiki ohana primarily for three specific talents: Aquatic performing, fire-eating and Tahitian dancing. At Tiki Caliente 11, Marina will be teaching you two of these three things, which are an essential part of what she does to maintain her health and figure and won’t set your eyebrows on fire. On Friday morning, Marina will share her knowledge of proper swimming techniques, plus teach you some stylish moves so that you can look like a pro in anyone’s pool. On Saturday morning, let the sounds of tribal drumming awaken your soul and core strength, as Marina shows you the basic footwork and hip movements of Tahitian dance. Taking one or both of her symposiums is the gift you give yourself so that you may celebrate a healthier Tikified life with new Tiki-cise skills. Come on, who DOESN’T want the opportunity to swim with Marina and learn Tahitian dance from this amazing woman? She is the creator/producer/star of Florida’s famous aquatic show at the historic Wreck Bar AND she was a Mai-Kai performer and Mystery Bowl Girl! These two symposiums will help you burn off those delicious Reef libations, and they will also give you photo-ops galore, as you do incredibly fun activities with one of Tiki’s most respected (and nicest) stars. These classes are the perfect, positive way to start your Tiki Caliente mornings, so pack your bathing suit (required...sorry) and a sarong (optional) and purchase your MeduSirena Marina symposium tickets here:
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