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                                                                             Tiki Caliente 11 (May 16th-19th 2019)


2pm Mug/Wristband Pick-up begins 

2-6pm Happy Hour Libations at the Reef

4pm Beachcomber Symposium (Ticketed)

5:30pm-7:00pm Martini Kings 

7:30pm-9pm Keith Hart (Elvis)

9pm: Flaming Tiki #115 (Room Party)

Martini Kings 10-Midnight


2pm-4:30pm Jason Arimoto (Stage)

4pm-5pm Eekum Bookum #229 (Room Party) 

4pm-5pm the O's #216 (Room Party)

5pm-7:15pm TikiTronic (Stage)

8pm-10pm: Yachty By Nature (Stage)

10pm-11:30pm DJ Baz (Korla) (Reef)

10pm Zen Tiki Lounge #234 (Room Party)

Midnight Show: Voodoo Organist (Reef)


10am: DJ LEE (Main Stage)

11-Noon #135 (Room Party)

Noon-1pm Team Hawaii #216 (Room Party)

Noon-1pm Flamingo Wildlife Sanctuary #201 (Room Party)

Noon-2pm Smokin Menehunes 

5pm-7pm Creepeotica

8pm-10pm Jason Lee & R.I.P.tides

10pm11pm VenTiki #148 (Room Party)

10pm-11pm Tonga Hut #117 (Room Party)

11pm-Midnight The Mermaid (Room Party)


10am-11am Poolside Service (Room Party Winners announced )

Noon-2pm Troy Fernandez 

(Schedule is being build now and waiting on talent as well as room party times)